Sick Day


I spent the day in bed due to the stomach flu and was once again reminded that without good health life is miserable. Yeah, I could be a lottery winner with millions in the bank but that wasn’t going to make my tummy feel any better.

My existence for the past 24 hours was the bathroom and the bed – the worse part was I kept looking around  thinking about how I need to get things cleaned up and couldn’t even do that.  It’s disgusting to be puking in a toilet that’s not sparkling. Maybe that’s where my lotto millions would come in handy – I could hire a maid to clean up after me.  But alas, I will just have to wait until I am feeling better and do it all myself.

I was so sick I couldn’t even read in bed – now that’s damn sick for me.  Just lifting my head up was a difficult endeavor. So as I laid there whining to myself I tried to take a reality check and remember that I am lucky to have a temporary illness and not a long-term one.  People who have to live in constant pain or weakness from poor health are not to be envied.


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