Reading romance novels became Paisley’s addiction in high school, and nearly 30 years (gulp) later it’s still her passion.  She is easily entertained and will read almost anything as long as it has a happy ending. Although she does admit that she is very wimpy and cannot handle stories with graphic violence or torture in them.

In 2008,  her husband gave her a Kindle for Valentine’s Day (even though he always complained she read way too much), and she learned the super amazing secret that thousands of books could be carried in the palm of her hand. Better yet, no one could see what sort of embarrassing smut she was reading! She gets a lot of laughs when she tells people she buys so many books she may have a diagnosable condition and she probably needs a Kindle intervention.

Paisley retired quite young from a stress-filled career, and now her time is spent doing volunteer work, reading and traveling the world. She would love to write her own romance novel but knows that will never happen because she is just too dang lazy.

She believes in marriage equality, saving the planet, and living each day like it’s your last one on Earth. But most of all she believes in Love.


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