My Potty Mouth


Okay I love to say the F word.

I try not to do it in public or around anyone that I know would not like it, so at least I am considerate right? But the F word is great and I love to say it.

I say it when I am mad, sad, happy, just about any occasion where I can.  Lots of times I just say it in my brain and no one can hear me swear but me. Recently someone commented to me that I have quite a potty mouth, and I like to carelessly drop F bombs left and right. Ha! I thought that was funny. I do like to drop F bombs.

Then someone else asked me where cuss words came from and why we have them in our language. I had no idea, and then I thought I could Google it and find out right?

Yes, Yahoo Answers has the answers to all of life’s mysteries, and like the all-knowing Wikipedia, the answers come from whomever decides to upload them. So the answer to the question, “Where did cuss words originate from?” had all sorts of mind-blowing deep insight like, “I think from some retard who was very much pissed at someone :)” or “Mainly from Low German. The Anglo Saxons were the commoners, and their language was seen as vulgar and is still regarded as rude today.”

So that explains it – I am a commoner and I am channeling my Anglo Saxon roots. And if you don’t like that answer you can fu** off!