I read a lot and when it comes to M/M Romances there are many authors I adore, but a few of them are my “Effing Loved It!” favorites. That’s right, I f’ing love them so much I buy everything they write – sometimes even before it’s published.

Mary Calmes – I adore her characters. She writes about love between men that is highly unrealistic, yet so awesome you just want to go grab a bowl of popcorn and watch the show live. She knows how to entertain me. Sam & Jory from A Matter of Time will always be a favorite M/M couple residing in my Kindle.

J.L. Langley – The first M/M Romance that I ever read was, The Tin Star, and I still love that book today. But I have to say her “Sci-Regency” books are my favorites. If you haven’t read My Fair Captain you should! J.L. writes everything from very sexy fantasy and paranormal, to good old fashioned cowboy love, and she does it really well.

M.L. Rhodes – I am a nerd-girl at heart and I really love fantasy and sci-fi. M.L.’s  “The Draegan Lords” series is among my favorites, but I also love her short stories and I always look forward to reading anything she writes – even her blog.

Marie Sexton – What a talented writer and super amazing storyteller! Her book,  Between Sinners and Saints, is probably my favorite dramatic M/M Romance of all time. If she weren’t a Denver Broncos fan she would be perfect 😉

Heidi Cullinan – One of the first BDSM M/M Romances I ever read was  Special Delivery, and my Kindle nearly imploded from that kinky craziness.  Heidi can write a smoking hot story where love still matters the most. She may have the dirtiest mind on Earth – I love her!

Josephine Myles – After I read my first Jo Myles story I was totally hooked. I felt like I had taken a trip to the UK and spent a nice holiday there. She is funny, she is steamy, and she writes great stories with loving and endearing characters.

Eressë – I am a total Eressë fangirl! Her “Chronicles of Ylandre” series is amazing and I re-read it fairly often.  I sometimes wonder how she is able to create such detailed and engrossing tales, it is a gift and her books are like presents for me.  She writes beautiful and sensuous  love stories and they are set highly detailed and carefully crafted worlds.

Amy Lane –  When I read Keeping Promise Rock for the first time I said my heart had been sent through a paper shredder. Her stories can make my eyes bleed they are so emotional. But my all-time favorite book of hers, Clear Water is not so tough, and is one of my very favorite M/M stories ever.

Ethan Day – If I were a gay man writing books I would aspire to write like Ethan Day. He is funny and snarky, and has caused me some embarrassment when I laughed out loud while reading his books in a public place.  I love characters who are funny, and Ethan Day knows how to write them!

This list could go on a lot longer and I am sure I will add to it now and then. There are so many amazing, talented authors out there and I really enjoy discovering them.


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