For over 30 years I have been reading romantic stories. In fact, I discovered my love of the genre in middle school. Remember Forever by Judy Blume? That was my first romance novel, and I have been hooked ever it since.  Before I retired and became a stay at home mom, I flew regularly on trans-Pacific flights for business. I would go to a used romance bookstore near my house called “Romance World” and buy 10 or 12 used paperbacks to take on my long journey. Then I would leave them behind me whenever I finished one. I am sure many flight cleaning crews found my discarded Harlequins and Silhouette Desires in seat pockets all over the world.

My tastes are pretty simple and rather old fashioned. Being a lover of the old school bodice rippers I love everything from the sweet and innocent deflowering of the virgin, to downright dirty stories. As long as it has a happy ending I am easily entertained!

Diana Palmer – Call me old fashioned but I think Diana Palmer is the epitome of the old school romance crafter. Her “Long Tall Texans” are legendary for deflowering the innocent, and there is nothing I love more than her good ol’ fashioned alpha males.

Linda Lael Miller – Since I love cowboy romances I would say some of the very best come from Linda Lael Miller. Her McKettrick boys are yummy, and I always enjoy reading her historical romances  as well.

Laurann Dohner – I may have mentioned that I am a nerd-girl at heart, and that I think that science fiction and romance are a match made in heaven (well maybe Jupiter) so Laurann Dohner is a go to author for me, and honestly one of the last M/F fiction writers I still regularly read. I love her Cyborg Seduction series and her Zorn Warrior series, and I absolutely love her New Species series.

Leslie Kelly – When I want to read something short and sexy, or smutty and fun, I know Leslie Kelly will deliver.

Jill Shalvis – Some of my favorite contemporary romances have been from Jill Shalvis. She is an expert at writing about the modern alpha male in a steamy love story. Her characters are fun and always entertaining. I love her “Lucky Harbor” books but her “Wilder Boys” series is my favorite.

Evangeline Anderson – One of the few M/F authors I read who has also crossed into the M/M Romance world. She is a prolific writer of erotic fiction, and does an especially creative job with her science fiction works.

Angela Castle – Another erotic science fiction and fantasy favorite. I love reading about big bad spacemen who seduce the women of Earth and she has written some very fun ones.

Jennifer Crusie – One of my all time favorite contemporary romances is The Cinderella Deal. It may not be her most popular or best selling book (and she has many) but there is something about that story I will love forever!


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